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FLEXXOR Shaft Couplings - Applications

FLEXXOR shaft couplings offer complete application flexibility

Flexxor shaft couplings come standard with Anderson clamp hubs for a strong shaft connection with no keys, heat, or hydraulics.

Factory assembled elements simplify installation of FLEXXOR shaft couplings. There are no loose parts so that FLEXXOR shaft couplings maintain balance. Bolts are delivered in sets and are weight balanced on high speed or API applications.

Disengaging Couplings – A device that normally carries torque but can be easily switched to allow both sides to spin freely
Torque Limiting Couplings – The FLEXXOR shaft coupling can be designed to stop transmitting torque at a set limit by use of either shear pins or a spring-loaded "breaker" system.
Torsionally Soft Couplings – Coupling Corporation can design couplings with quill shafts to lower the torsional spring rate and virtually eliminate all torsional vibrations.
Flywheel Couplings – FLEXXORS can attach to a flywheel on one end and a standard hub on the other end.

Size 162 CC FLEXXOR shaft couplings for gas turbines

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