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UltraFLEXX Shaft Couplings

The Industry's Most Flexible Steel Shaft Couplings Featuring the Exclusive "Strut" Design!

UltraFLEXX shaft couplingsThe Ultraflexx shaft couplings are the newest innovation from Coupling Corporation of America. Their unique "strut" design offers the most flexibility and the lowest spring rates of any coupling presently available. Its exceptionally light-weight design does not compromise performance or reliability.

Since 1968, CCA has been making shaft couplings by focusing on the driving and driven machines, and then designing couplings to complement them. Because the UltraFlexx shaft couplings have the lowest spring rates in the industry, all coupled machines benefit from longer life and outstanding performance.

UltraFLEXX shaft couplings

UltraFlexx shaft couplings are a unique assembly of tension struts that transmit torque from the driver to the driven member. Typically, the driver hub connects to an outer ring which is connected through the flexible struts to a center member.

shaft coupling sideview

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Unmatched Benefits of the UltraFlexx Shaft Couplings


Value to User

Multiple struts share the load

Scratch on the strut will not destroy coupling

High torque capability in small diameter package

Easy replacement for other couplings, including gear couplings

No lubrication

Reduces maintenance cost

Very low axial and angular spring rates

Very low forces exerted on shafts, bearings, and seals so they last longer

Spigot fit – element to hub

Repeatable assembly and no loose parts

No loose parts

Continual balance

Dynamically balanced

No coupling related vibrations

Captured element

In the unlikely event of a failure, the spacer element is piloted inside the hub rings

Easy hub adjustment for flange to flange spacing

Faster installation and no hot work permits required


Anderson Clamp Hubs 4000 series or equivalent alloy steel heat treated to 130,000 PSI UTS minimum.
Hub rings, sleeves carbon steel or 4000 series alloy. Flex elements 17-7PH, 301 full hard. Bolts AISI 4140, 4340, 6150, 8740 alloy steel heat treated to grade 8 minimum.
Locknuts grade C minimum

Special materials available such as INCO 718, Beryllium copper, Titanium, Monel.

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